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Industrial LCD Display & Monitor

EVERVISION is the leading manufacturer of LCD display and modules. With EVERVISION display solution, you can count on the highest quality. We designed these monitors for reliable continuous operation in an industrial environment. Our durable TFT display delivers high contrast, high brightness, wide viewing angles, and wide operating temperature ranges.
EVERVISION have many customized TFT LCD display as well as system solution fulfilling any demand. We have different coating (AG/AR /AF) for touch panel that is widespread use of Industrial application. EVERVISION also provides service of Semi-Custom, supporting customer more flexibility and options by using standard module or relative material.

TFT LCD Display


A wide range of mid-size standard TFT modules

that are available in industry standard sizes ranging from 3.5”, 4.3”, 7” to 15.6 inch. We also offer a variety of interface options including MCU, TTL RGB, eDP, LVDS, MIPI and more. 

EVERVISION Monochrome Display

Monochrome Display

We provide three forms of Monochrome LCD module, character type, segment type, and graphic type. Our Monochrome LCD module is flexible for the various applications and  features of low power consumption, low cost, and flexible design.

EVERVISION Open Frame LCD Monitor

Open Frame LCD Monitor

EVERVISION Open Frame LCD Monitor has high quality interactive experience and also compatible with the VESA interface standard, ensuring a perfect solution for any LCD display or VESA size. It's ideal for embedded and industrial applications.

" Customer satisfaction has always been our first priority "


 We assure our customer of the reliability and competitiveness of products. Persistence in the highest quality standard has been our consistent business policy. EVERVISION is certified for: ISO9001, ISO14001... 

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EVERVISION Wide Viewing Angle Solution

Wide Viewing Angle Technologies 

EVERVISION | October 2020

EVERVISION have many display technologies to meet customer's needs, including MVA technology (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment), IPS technology (In-Plane Switching), AAS technology (Azimuthal Anchoring Switch) and […]
EVERVISION Low Temperature Solution

Operation in Cold Environments

EVERVISION | October 2020

What happens to the LCD in low temperature?he LCD in cold temperatures may cause misreading because of the response time of LC(physical characteristics). Typically, standard LCD modules provide a temperature range of -20°C to +70°C.[…]

EVERVISION Water Resistant Capacitive Touch

Water Resistant Capacitive Touch

EVERVISION | October 2020

Does water damage a capacitive touch screen? Why does water confuse touch screen? To combat the problem, we improve products and design water tolerant capacitive touch sensors.Our touch sensor can prevent the interference caused by […]

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